Good Men and Unicorns is a proof of concept for a feature film Ebright is currently in progress developing.

A lonely grocery clerk finds an unlikely friendship with an aging, former actress.

Eli Sanders is a transplant living in Los Angeles. Having lost his mother when he was just a boy and with no real family left, he goes on aimlessly through life with just his passion for movies to keep him company–that is, until he meets Anne.

Anne Summers is an aging, former actress whose career was derailed before its prime by the loss of her infant son. Having recently lost her husband, she too lives a lonely life devoid of purpose–that is, until she meets Eli.

In a heartwarming tale of an unlikely friendship, Good Men and Unicorns tells the story of two souls searching for happiness in a world of loss and isolation. In each other, one finds a mother, and the other a son.

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